Shahs Of Sunset’s Golnesa “GG” Reveals She DID Hook-Up With Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor!

Share this article Share ‘It happened so fast,’ she told James, who failed to hide his excitement at the scandalous news. Faith told James Kennedy that she had sex with Jax after he sent her direct messages on Twitter Family talk: Brittany Cartwright beamed earlier when Jax talked about having children with her ‘He has no condom on, and I’m on my back and my legs are up in that air and he goes, ”Are you on both control” and I go, ”Well, no. That situation can lead to something bigger than that. Faith revealed that Jax was not wearing a condom and she has not had her period Shocked reaction: James could not hide his shock about learning that Jax and Faith had sex in front of a sleeping pensioner James failed to express concern, instead showing obvious joy at the news and smiling in a confessional later as he said: My head would explode. Oh my God…’ Tom Sandoval was the first to warn Jax about the rumor while they were all at Scheana Marie’s birthday party, with Jax insisting: I’m in a great relationship, I would never — I’m past that. The British DJ said his head would explode if Faith was pregnant and predicted she would keep the baby Jax, real name Jason Michael Cauchi, then went up to Faith and asked her to ‘let them know it’s not true,’ asking her when she remained quiet:

Vanderpump Rules: Jax Cheated on Stassi & Admits Getting Girl Pregnant in Vegas!

With a helping of right-the-fuck-now on the side. When I hear the genre of New Adult attached to a book, I roll my eyes and move on. I gave it a shot, I really did.

We’re dropped a bomb that Kristen and James hooked up but we have to wait until the flashbacks to see what went down. First we see James kicking it in the DJ booth and I have to say it sounds.

I then get rage texts from her. Maybe marriage really has changed TomKat. Bonus points to the producers for cutting to a scene of him suggestively shaking a cocktail. Her party is sort of their public debut as a couple, and her outfit is, as always, extra: The birthday girl glides in wearing a gold gown from the bedroom she converted into a walk-in closet. But Kristen Doute — who, by the way, has been tragically missing from most of the premiere — pops into the party and tells the camera her maybe-friend should slow down.

Scheana and Rob split in October.

Did Jax Taylor Get Another Woman Pregnant While Cheating on Brittany Cartwright?

Share Ah, another season at SUR. I then get rage texts from her. Maybe marriage really has changed TomKat. Bonus points to the producers for cutting to a scene of him suggestively shaking a cocktail. Her party is sort of their public debut as a couple, and her outfit is, as always, extra:

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Then, after awhile, you are just exhausted by the blur of events, the repetition of sensations, and the monotony of overstimulation. At that point, you just want it to be over so that you can lie in your bed for two days ordering Seamless and recalibrating your brain chemistry. I am totally at that point of this season, just wanting it to end. Surprisingly, this time, he actually has his shirt on.

She is absolutely right. You know that the rest of these soul-sucking night wraiths are in trouble when the voice of reason is a grown woman who sucks on some weird bottle cap contraption so hard that it makes her lips look like two pink bananas that are trying to pop themselves off of a tree. If so, how has it finally fallen on the soft crowns of our little SUR babies?

Jax Taylor Confesses to Cheating on Brittany Cartwright: ‘I Definitely Need to Go to Therapy’

We don’t send regular emails, we send cool emails We’ll send you an email once a week with only the best stuff we put out. Scheana as a person is perpetually stuck in like, , so it makes sense that her own makeup decisions would be. Jax and James discuss their friendship, which basically boils down to the fact that James is Jax, 13 years ago.

Life can be funny like that sometimes. Nice effort, try again.

New Episodes Mondays at 9/8c – The SUR staffers find that as everyone grows up, their triumphs, failures, makeups, and breakups have only gotten bigger and badder.

But lucky for us, all good things must come to an end. Tonight, things will heat up at Sur when Taylor has a big blow-up with James Kennedy. How do you feel this season is going for you? I was really intoxicated. It looked really bad—worse than it was. But it was also extremely hot. It was gay pride weekend. You just kind of have to go for it. Everybody has drinks and has fun, even the staff. How often do you actually get drunk at work? It was just that weekend. But I was a little obvious about it.

Did you go home with Lala Kent that night afterwards? It seemed like it.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: I’m In The Twilight Zone

We don’t send regular emails, we send cool emails We’ll send you an email once a week with only the best stuff we put out. So I read my last Vanderpump Rules recap, and I was right to not remember any of it because nothing fucking happened. Katie, Kristen, and Stassi are on the beach and Katie drops the bomb shell that Schwartz said Kristen and James hooked up the night before.

And then, in some punk-ass bullshit maneuver, Bravo cuts to 12 hours earlier. Tell me a linear tale.

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Romi Rain – Art of Foreplay: Her friend’s on the phone warning her to stay on her guard because Miss Rain has been known to be inappropriate. Sure enough, the instant she arrives and hears Kristen has a girlfriend, she shuts the computer and unbuttons her blouse. Kristen does her best to refuse Miss Rain, but she can only resist for so long with those big boobs in her face.

After Miss Rain invokes teacher student confidentiality, and tells Kristen what she needs to do to pass, she gropes the teen’s small tits and dominates her pussy, just as Kristen takes a call from her girlfriend. Romi ducks under the desk and licks her clit, while Kristen scrambles to find an excuse for why she’s breathless. When Romi finally comes up for air, she straddles Kristen on the chair and tribs her to orgasm.

Then she folds her over the kitchen counter and licks her ass.

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Katie had no issue calling out the only plausible motive for Faith sleeping with Jax: Most likely she will just get some unflattering screen time and a shit ton of social media hate. There are no Instagram ads for detox tea or tinted sunglasses in her future. He was my first friend in LA. As naive as it sounds, a lot of people were really rooting for Jax and Brittany to make it work or at least I was.

It was clearly just wishful thinking to hope for a new Jax, but cheating on Brittany really was a disappointment to us all.

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It truly had it all, motorcycle gangs although they called them clubs handsome and bad-ass dudes, drug dealers that were really good guys, cops that were really bad guys, and lots and lots of drama. The show was truly excellent, as long as you did not mind the very good chance that your favorite character was going to be killed, that is. One of the things that made Sons of Anarchy even better though, was all the totally hot chicks on the show.

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Did Whitney have show-sanctioned, competitive coitus? On this boat date, Chris poured Whitney a glass of champagne. Smart move for someone heading into the fantasy suite. Try to do it right now. This smile also proves that Chris smokes weed.

Young and the restless should’ve offered him a damn near blank check to return. They really fucked up big time. Now theyre stuck with that lousy actor who looks like he’s 60 as Billy.

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Edit She was at one point infatuated with Jax Teller and tried to make him and Tara Knowles break up. Tara proved she wouldn’t back down by having sex with Jax in the porn studio’s bathroom and playfully shooting up Ima’s car. Jax refused to bail her out of jail. Season 3 Edit Ima has sex with Jax in episode ” The Push “, when he is trying to push Tara away and make her see she doesn’t belong with the club.

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Did Jax Taylor Get Another Woman Pregnant While Cheating on Brittany Cartwright?

He lives with the genetic heart disorder “family flaw” as Gemma calls it that his brother Thomas “Tommy” Teller died from at the age of six. He has served time in prison for smuggling and gun-running. He married Wendy Case , but filed for divorce because of her drug habit. After Wendy got clean, they reconciled and conceived a son, Abel. Overwhelmed by the idea of being a father and tired of fighting with Wendy, Jax leaves his pregnant wife, allowing her to continue to live in his home while he moved into the clubhouse.

Ah, another season at SUR. The rosé is flowing, friendships have fallen apart, Jax Taylor has started a sex scandal and our patron saint Lisa Vanderpump wonders why the bloody hell she’s hired.

Just when you thought this season of Vanderpump Rules couldn’t get any more scandalous, our favorite SUR squad goes and proves us wrong. This time, the crew was abuzz with rumors that exes Kristen Doute and James Kennedy hooked up during their trip to Mexico. Kristen and James both denied that the alleged hookup took place during Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. He did not say it.

Kristen Doute Sure Has Some Thoughts Kristen is referring to the moment when Tom Sandoval asked James if he had hung out with Kristen the night before their golf outing, to which he replied, “I mean, a little bit, but not really. Kristen said on WWHL that her “brain exploded” when she realized that James had never actually said that they hooked up, especially since she became so upset with him, to the point where she threw a drink in his face during one group dinner in Mexico.

Though Kristen took out her frustration on several members of the Vanderpump Rules crew during the episode, she said that she was the most angry with Sandoval and Jax Taylor during the whole ordeal. Check out a sneak peek, below. Vanderpump Rules Next on Vanderpump Rules:

Vanderpump Rules: Is Jax Spreading Rumors About Brittany and Kristen? (Season 5, Episode 2)