Welcome to the Defence Connect podcast with your host, Phil Tarrant. G’day, everyone, it’s Phil Tarrant here. I’m the host of the Defence Connect podcast. Thanks for joining us today. We’re going to start on a recent theme of ours, it’s something which us at Defence Connect is passionate about, and that is supporting some of the very talented SMEs we have in Australia, the very backbone to defence industry and often an overlooked component of it. Obviously, the glitz and glamour of the major programs go through our very capable primes and there is a lot of work underway at the moment to keep those guys busy into the years ahead, particularly with the large government investment into defence spending, but typically it’s the SMEs who are doing a lot of the grunt work, a lot of the grinding behind the scenes, delivering capabilities into the primes so they can fulfil the needs of these programms. Livia, welcome to the show. Now, you’ve been in this game for a little while? You’ve earned your stripes?

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This is a long rant TL;DR — XTreme Car Audio has severely damaged several components in my car, nearly made me drive into a wall, and damaged part of my boot beyond repair. Alright, so about 4 weeks ago i needed to change my head unit after it died. Googled some stores, found Xtreme Car Audio was just up the road, so i visited them.

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Guest Contributor February 6, Last updated: Is your toilet cracked or damaged? Are you looking to upgrade your commode? There are plenty of reasons for installing a toilet, and many homeowners call in a plumber to get it done. Installing a toilet is a great DIY project, and just imagine the sense of accomplishment and relief when you finish. This tutorial will walk you through it step-by-step.

Blindside Sport’s NRL predictions ahead of Round 25 of the NRL Premiership.

Few topics raise blood pressure among camper trailer owners like 12V electronics. Even automotive experts unfamiliar with camper trailer set-ups can underestimate the shortfalls occurring as a result of voltage drop. So, rather than contract the wrong person to install a battery and charging system in his trailer, camping advocate Rob Sanderson decided to install the battery system himself. Rob and his wife Carol bought their Track Trailer Eagle second-hand 20 years ago.

Rob is the co-owner of campertrailers. Rob found room for two Ah Ritar AGM batteries in sealed storage lockers on either side of his camper for a healthy Ah of storage. The Ritar RA acts both as a storage and cranking battery so, in a worst case scenario, Rob can use one to start his car.

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Understand the different levels of care you can expect from each facility. Detox facilities provide a safe, medicinally aided and monitored program for addressing the physical aspects of addiction. Residential rehabilitation programs provide care in a controlled environment with extra support to help mitigate the risk of relapse during recovery.

Partial hospitalization treatment options are most beneficial for those who with a dual diagnosis of a mental health disorder and substance abuse disorder.

Campbelltown Tafe Narellan Road, head west from Campbelltown, Its on the left at the traffic lights., Campbelltown. 5 cubicles. One is very big which is great for. Crowd: Young Guys to Mid Aged guys.

Our crack bakery team are also supplying several other big-name restaurants including Rockpool and Bistro Guillaume, plus all other Vue Group outlets. Working with global architecture firm Woods Bagot, the design of Burnham Beeches is focused on creating a venue dedicated to the promotion of the best of Australian culture across all facets of heritage, architecture, food, art, hospitality and inspiring landscape.

Outside a slew of tables rest under heating strobes looking out to lawn bowls, croquet and bocce pitches. A deep compassion and respect for the environment that surrounds us is key in driving the Burnham Beeches vision. Here at Burnham Beeches no chemicals or harmful farming practices are used across any inch of the deluxe property grounds. We want our small, engaging parcel of 66 acres to provide us with as much a story as it does food. Think of it as sustenance for the mind and soul.

Examining every morsel that we digest has never been more important and taken on such significance as we all move towards a more sustained level of healthy living. Food is not just fuel but a way of living that fuels happiness and contentment. Using biodynamic practices led by head horticulturalist, Robert Proudlock, the rich volcanic soils of the surrounding Sherbrooke Forest and its sometimes harsh temperate climate, there is no better place for seasonal vegetables to be nurtured.

Our job is to totally embrace every facet of the garden-to-plate doctrine. Our streaky bacon comes to you from the fine, free-range folk of Greenvale Farm. Free from antibiotics and growth hormones, Greenvale Farm meats are tasty and tender.

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With a record of , 3 KO’s Hunt entered his first K-1 tournament as a heavy underdog. After this he was invited to Japan for K-1 qualifications. In , Hunt returned to K-1 by winning the K-1 Oceania tournament for the second consecutive year.

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But the fine was overturned by the Court of Criminal Appeal, which has sent the matter back to the Land and Environment Court. The Land and Environment Court previously heard the cleared trees were part of an endangered ecological community and provided a preferred habitat for koalas. It was also told that the trees at Kyluk’s property were one of the largest and most intact remnants of SSTF in the local area and formed part of a key biodiversity corridor.

Following the “large-scale land clearing works”, the court heard that in the area had become home to a number of invasive weeds. Justice Nicola Pain ordered Kyluk pay the money to Campbelltown Council to restore the land, finding it had cleared more than 12 hectares for commercial gain and had caused “significant environmental harm”. But Kyluk, who had pleaded guilty to picking the plants, appealed the decision on a number of grounds, including that Justice Pain erred when identifying the extent of the area affected.

In a judgment handed down by the Court of Criminal Appeal this week, Justice Derek Price upheld many of the grounds for appeal stating: He quashed the penalty imposed by Justice Pain and sent the matter back to the Land and Environment Court to be redetermined.

PODCAST: Finding the right signal in Defence, Livia Brady, managing director, Rojone

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Campbelltown wants the line to hook up with the southern line at Campbelltown or Macarthur stations. While Transport NSW was studying the submissions on the south west rail link extensions, the new metropolitan strategy, A Plan for Growing Sydney, was released by the NSW Government.

This was an important local wedding between two local families of some importance and social status. The McIntoshes conducted a very successful dairy operation on the family property of Denbigh at Cobbitty, while the Whiteman family were successful Camden retailers. Marge McIntosh in her bridal gown photographed in the garden of her home at Denbigh Cobbitty for her wedding on 25 August The style in strongly influenced by the moderne from London and Paris Camden Images Past and Present Both families had colonial origins.

Wedding Ceremony The wedding ceremony was a relatively small country wedding of 60 guests given the social profile and economic position of both families. St Pauls was the centre of village of Cobbitty and an expression of its Englishness, which was typical of a number of villages across the Camden District. The church was originally built under the direction of Galloping Parson Thomas Hassall in and adjacent to his Heber Chapel.

Denbigh is one of the oldest gentry properties on the Cowpastures and listed on the state heritage register.

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A General Waste skip bin has a weight limit of kg per cubic metre i. You will be charged for the excess weight as per your order. When you tick the terms and conditions you agree that the bin will be picked up and taken to a certified tip to be weighed, should your bin be over the weight limit you will be notified by your supplier. Your supplier must be able to provide you with the weight of your skip bin with a certified copy of the tip docket should you require it. How can I tell if I have Asbestos?

There is no exact way of telling if you have Asbestos, generally houses pre are likely to contain some form of fibro asbestos sheeting found either in bathrooms or the eaves of houses.

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Air Conditioning, Roof Racks Description: I bought this ute for its carrying capacity. It has a kg Lyco tailgate lifter at the rear which you can see in this pic stowed vertically, folded in half at the rear of the tray.

Incident happened at a home in Campbelltown – in Sydney’s south-west Monica Lewinsky reveals she exposed her thong to get Bill Clinton’s attention before their first White House hook-up, which

I haven’t seen you for so long Remembering those years we lived And it was always easy We never gave it that much thought Then you noticed my own fears Then it was over Now I see you here Well some things don’t last forever I won’t pretend How hard was it to leave your closest friend? You grew up way too fast And I never did Through all the years since then? I felt that all it took was trust Another victim of ideals No more inside but you could see this You never hid me from your thoughts I made believe to hear Held the blame I know I let you go But some things don’t last forever I won’t pretend How hard was it to leave your closest friend?

But life will not wait up Still I’m left here thinking I have learned enough Can I set down the past? Ignore what did not last? I haven’t seen you for so long Remembering those years we lived And it was always easy I’m tired of always looking back I’ve given you my years My life goes on So it’s goodbye my dear Some things don’t last forever I won’t pretend How hard was it to leave your closest friend?

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Details Testimonials Massive thanks to Danny and the boys from the Holden Hill store for the last minute hook up for a kit on my 80 series. The boys looked at my needs and organised a kit that can handle my driving style and weight and matched a kit perfectly to it, as well as getting it to me before the Easter weekend! The service was great and the boys definitely know what they’re doing! Dion Katemis Bought a 3 inch kit 7 years ago.

 · Massive thanks to Danny and the boys from the Holden Hill store for the last minute hook up for a kit on my 80 series. The boys looked at my needs and organised a kit that can handle my driving style and weight and matched a kit perfectly to it, as well as getting it to me before the Easter weekend!

Shopping life-style, shopping, Trending, Shoopping, Matte black style This bold option has been infiltrating Instagram and Pinterest boards for a while now, and shows no signs of stopping, moving from fashion and beauty into homewares and interiors. The striking blend of natural wood and matte black finishes make a real statement. Lay on a timber floor and surround with neutrals for a minimalist look, or pops of colour for something more personalised.

Your own personalised matte black fan, hair blowing in the breeze – does it get any more glamourous? This beautiful matte black fridge can also be used as a chalk board for your shopping lists or notes to the family. Enjoy a detoxification treatment in the comfort of your own bath.

Interview with students after engaging in an online resource (McGraw Hill Connect)