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Top: Remington Marlin W // Bottom: Marlin If you think Marlin is still the same company you grew-up loving you may be in for a surprise. Back in when Marlin was brought into the fold of Remington via Cerberus Capital many thought quality and craftsmanship would fall to the wayside.

Fryxell Marlin Firearms, the very name conjures the image of a lean horseman, with a red bandana wrapped around his dusty neck and a work-worn felt hat jammed awkwardly onto his head, his chestnut mount braced at a sudden stop, and both of them are intently focused on something just out of the picture. The Marlin levergun is poised, almost at port-arms, ready to snap to the rider’s bestubbled face and deal the unseen threat a leaden blow.

It is a picture of a man, independent and free, taking care of himself. This image has captivated generations of American shooters, and undoubtedly has helped sell countless Marlin rifles over the years. After all, it is one of the central facets of how we Americans view ourselves — independent, free, and capable. The Marlin rifleman this long-standing Marlin advertising image was used as the cover art on William Brophy’s excellent history of Marlin Firearms Most American shooters know that Marlin has been around for quite a while, and that they have been making excellent leverguns for many years, but may not realize all the twists and turns in the trail that has made Marlin what it is today.

It is a trail that has been rough and rocky in places, and at times, it didn’t look like Marlin would survive, but survive it did, and today’s shooters should count themselves as fortunate as Marlin came back strong to make some of the most popular leverguns of all time. The story starts in , when John Mahlon Marlin was born in Connecticut.

He grew up in New England and entered the tool and die trade as a young man. During the Civil War, he started building guns, working at the Colt plant in Hartford. He started off making single-shot brass framed derringers in. In , Marlin added rifles to his product offerings, manufacturing the single-shot Ballard rifles which had previously been made by others.

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Marlin Model and Winchester Model 94 Rifles By Chuck Hawks The lever action Marlin and Winchester 94 are the two best selling sporting rifles in history, with millions upon millions sold in over a century of production. These traditional lever action designs offer good accuracy, quick handling, fast repeat shots, big magazine capacity, ambidextrous operation, and the kind of reliability a man can bet his life on and many have. The flat action makes these easy rifles to carry and, with no bolt handle sticking out of the side of the action, they are naturals to transport in a horse or motorcycle scabbard.

They were designed for big game hunting but have been used for practically every application to which a rifle can be put, from home defense to revolution.

Seller’s Description: Marlin Model RC with bead front open rear sights. Receiver is tapped for a scope mount. Plain pistol grip hardwood stock & forearm.

As the lever is cycled, it slightly lifts the cartridge carrier which allows one shell to come onto the carrier. And the carrier blocks the other shells so they stay in the magazine tube. The lever has a snail shaped cam surface that goes around the pivot screw. Every time the lever is cycled the carrier bounces on the forward edge of the cam. The forward most edge of this cam is left sharp at the factory the flaw.

After many thousands of cycles, the sharp edge cuts into the carrier enought so that the timing is slightly changed. At first, you will feel a slight “hitch” when cycling, then the timing will get worse; the carrier nose gets lower in relation to the magazine tube opening so that two shells are allowed to exit the magazine. The first shell comes in on top of the carrier as normal, and the second shell slips past the carrier nose and gets trapped between the top of the carrier and the magazine opening in the frame.

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Links To Gun and Militaria Related Pages If you have a firearms or militaria related page and you would like us to link to it, send us an e-mail. If we add your link, we request that you have a link to Antique and Collectable Firearms and Militaria Headquarters on your page. This site also has some of the best plans for many different stize and style of gun racks for handsome or utilitarian storage of longarms, and they sell kits for many of them.

Interesting to review for info, even if not eager to buy one yet. These are very detailed and reflect the research and expertise of the member of this elite group of advanced collectors.

The Marlin Model is a lever-action rifle and carbine made by Marlin Firearms. Since its introduction in , it has been offered in a number of different calibers and barrel lengths, but is commonly chambered in Winchester or Remington, using a or inch barrel.

Originally Posted by muddly The 35 Remington it will be. The rimmed version is intriguing Of course there’s the or Anyway, I have the dies, brass etc. I’ll get a better idea on the 35’s performance this year. My Savage B will hopefully get some blood on her. Up to now, the only thing I’ve popped with the 35 was a doe. The grain Core Lokt at fps made her face from the eyeballs forward Maybe I’ll wind up with a rack of yard freezer fillers!

While it would seem intuitive to use the rimmed version of the 35 Remington, formed from British brass, that’s not actually what I’m doing. I’m turning the rim off and cutting in an extractor groove, well, technically a good friend of mine is doing that! If I was buying a custom 35 Remington barrel for an Encore, and I planned to make brass for it from British, I would likely have the chamber cut counter-bore to allow for the rim. That makes the task of converting the brass over much easier!

From my limited testing, I’m very happy with the gr FTX bullet in 35 caliber rifles of this velocity.

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Which is a shame because excellent movies can be just as entertaining, mind-expanding, and life changing as good books. Scenes, characters, and quotes from the greatest movies stay with us long after we view them. Their ability to transport you to different times and exotic locations, to completely absorb you in the story, make movies one of the closest approximations of real magic we have in this world.

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Collectible American Longarms (post). SMOF – – U.S. MODEL A3 RIFLE BY REMINGTON- 4 GROOVE- NICE! Serial number with original RA dated barrel with excellent FOUR groove bore- bright and sharp.

Uxbridge, Ontario This question seems to keep popping up, so I’m going to add my 2 cents’ worth. First, the fact that Marlin does not approve someone rechambering their guns says nothing beyong the fact that they have a good liability lawyer advising them. Virtually every manufacturer says the same thing about adjusting their triggers.

Does this mean that their triggers are unsafe after adjustment? Not necessarily–just that they could be made that way by an improper adjustment. Nowhere in print have I found confirmation that the heat treatment of the ER receivers was different than that of receivers for the. The only modification was running a. In the converted rifle, he was easily able to achieve. He sensibly never tried to match the ballistics of the.

This was a pure wildcat cartridge in that he was using. This is a vitally important point. I understand that the safe pressure limit for a Marlin lever action is 44, CUP–the level at which the. The potential for someone to do exactly that is why Marlin is so adamant that their rifle should not be converted. The literature on the.

Need manufacture date and value for Marlin .22 Glenfield Model 60?

History[ edit ] The Model is a direct development of the Marlin Model rifle which was produced from to Hepburn, the Model incorporated a new locking bolt system and a two-piece firing pin. In , the Model 36 was replaced by the Model , which incorporated the patents of Thomas R. Design improvements include a stronger and simpler round-profile chrome-plated breech bolt, a redesigned cartridge carrier, an improved extractor, [3] and coil-type main and trigger springs in place of the flat springs used in earlier Marlin rifles.

In , Marlin also incorporated its proprietary Micro-Groove rifling system into the Model and other centerfire Marlin rifles.

The third safeguard is a patented Marlin mechanism dating back to the year — a two piece firing pin that forces the rear section to drop out of alignment until the locking bolt is fully engaged.

Today, years later, it remains a popular choice for ammunition. The cartridge shoots a. Consequently, velocities are lower, but recoil is milder. The tip is designed to improve the ballistic coefficient, but with a flexible plastic so as not to set off the primer of the adjacent round in the tubular magazine. Somewhat higher velocities are obtain with the lighter grain LeverEvolution. Could you use a. From its earliest years to the present day, the. The recoil is mild, the cartridge has a good reputation for accuracy, and the bullet weights are more than sufficient for medium game.

For prepping and survival purposes, the. As a long gun, it is far more accurate than any handgun. The bullet weights are in the same range as the.

Marlin 336W .30-30 Win. Lever-Action Centerfire Rifle

Manufactured from to Breech bolt of Marlin Model 36 previously known as Model Model 93 and Model is changed from square to round in shape and rifle is re designated as Model Carbine. Also introduced were Model SC Sporting carbine with two-thirds magazine tube. Model Rifle 24 inch barrel. New plastic grip cap is designated so owner’s initials can be engraved on insert introduced.

Special grip cap for owner’s initial is discontinued.

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This article reprinted with permission of Glen E. Fryxell Old friends come in many flavors. As more and more hunting seasons pass, I have come to realize that what makes special hunts really special isn’t always a spectacular setting, or some exotic species, or a great shot, or a big rack The hunting partners who can work the woods together with just a few sidelong glances, or well-understood hand gestures, and know where the other hunter is going, and what he will do.

The old hunting knife whose blade is but a shadow of its original profile from years of gutting and re-sharpening, but still holds a fine edge and makes short work of each deer. The work-worn carbine that was old way back when it was handed down to you, and time has fogged the count of exactly how many seasons have passed with that rifle cradled in your hands, but you still think of the man that gave it to you as you caress the patina, sitting beneath your favorite “deer tree”.

These are friends that have stood the test of time for a very simple reason, they work and they are trusted. You know exactly what they will do when called upon. These are some the things that make hunting special. Over the last decade, we and our wives have become good friends. Rob and I have hunted together, we have plinked together, and we have spent hours out in the shop fiddling with little chunks of metal, discussing cast bullets, the making of bullet moulds, and what makes cast bullets fly accurately.

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And still today, originals and replicas are among some of the most sought after lever-actions around. Aside from history, the Henry is an absolute knockout in the looks department. Winchester Model Photo:

Sep 15,  · Explore the world of weaponry like never before! Disassemble and reassemble highly-detailed models with fully working animated parts! View the gun in complete 3D, and learn about the inner workings of the guns/5(K).

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The Marlin 336 CS 30-30 lever action rifle. How could I say no?