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Mains Hook-up Cable Considerations. The quality and condition of the mains EHU affects how things work in the vehicle. This EHU lead was from my own van, everything worked fine except the Water never got Hot on v, it got warm, so the element was clearly working, just never got above tepid. On Gas the water heated up to full temperature. The charger ran the lights and charged the battery, the Television worked perfectly on v and our Volt Meter inside the van showed v at the 13amp sockets. I cut the cable back to sound Copper and fitted a new Blue Socket and the Water Heater worked perfectly. I can only guess that the contact inside the connector was just good enough to supply everything, except the high current of the Water Heater?

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Designed specifically for the VW California and the T5/T6 market, the SunnCamp Swift Canopy comes with 4mm and 6mm beading so it will fit in pretty much all the roll out awnings on the market – and also aftermarket awning rails too.

Streaming video works just. However, the wifi connectivity has been really bad except for one spot in our living room and the wifi repeaters we installed caused so much lag or bandwidth loss that they were unusable. But this would require physical breakup of their floor and our ceiling, or tampering with the lines already in place through the walls don’t feel comfortable with that , in order to get the cable through.

This is where the phone line is connected to our neighbors’ router.: This is where that same line ends up on our floor: Our apartments used to be part of the same house, that’s why. I’ve been looking for ways in which I can tap this line and I found two technologies that either work over the TV line moca or the electrical lines but not over the phone line.

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One of the most desired features is a way to top-off the tank automatically in order to replace water that has evaporated from the system, and many beginning hobbyists may not consider how important this is. As water evaporates, salinity rises in the display tank because salt does not evaporate. The water simply becomes more and more saline the longer the hobbyist waits to add freshwater. A few containers can be used to store freshwater, and keeping them sealed will prevent contamination.

Freshwater – water that has no salt added.

This Mains 10 Metre Hook Up Cable is the perfect solution to hook up your electrical appliances in your caravan, campervan, or motorhome. Ensure your electricity supply is running smoothly during your outdoor camping adventures with this 10 Metre Hook Up Cable!

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Sound bar buying guide: What you need to know in 2017

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SunnCamp Swift Caravan Awning The Sunncamp Swift awning provides a simple practical porch for your caravan featuring two side doors and a roll-up front panel. .

Campervan and Horsebox 12 volt and mains hook-up electrical system shop. Plus big discounts on many products! When starting out on a self-build campervan or motor home project one the first jobs will be to install the 12 volt electrical system and if required the mains hook-up electrical supply. After all, there would be no point in boarding or panelling the ‘van before deciding on where to run the wiring and cables for the electrical supply; that is of course unless you’re the sort of person who likes to make your life difficult, you want unsightly cables and wires running up the sides and roof of your ‘vans interior, or you’re a contortionist!

By fitting two leisure batteries in parallel you will double the available ampere hours, i. If your installing a mains system from scratch you’ll need a mains hook-up installation kit which comes complete with all the necessary wiring, cables, connectors, RCD residual current device , MCB’s mini circuit breakers , plug sockets and a test button to make sure everything is working correctly. If your repairing an existing mains hook-up supply you should be able to find what you need within our Web site.

Self-build help and technical enquiries If you’re planning to embark on a self-build camervan or motorhome project we would recommend buying ” Build Your Own Motorcaravan “, by John Wickersham which is packed with useful information and tips. If you have any technical queries regarding either your 12 volt or mains hook-up electrics become a member of our community get access to special discounts and member only offers , or you can post them on our blog.

We also stock caravan, motorhome and marine spares and accessories. For your convenience payments can be made with all major credit cards, or by PayPal using our secure checkout system which is secured by GlobeCharge. Once we receive an order customers can track the progress and expected delivery day by clicking the link on their order confirmation.

Information on How to Hook Up a DirecTV Receiver to a TV

So if this is important to you, check the width of both models in the manufacturers’ spec sections before you buy. The Sonos Playbar only has one audio input on the back: Many manufacturers still expect you to use your HDTV to switch among devices. The idea is you connect all your home theater devices directly to the TV, then connect your TV’s optical audio output to the sound bar.

16 Amp lead to 13 amp 3pin extension lead single socket 10 Metre cable Safe for use outdoors using RCD protection Ideal for tents or awnings.

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This also solves the problem with single strands that stick out. Don’t try to tin the tips of your wires with solder and then use the wires in a screw terminal. Ordinary older will crack under too much stress, and deform under lower stress, so you’ll never get a permanently tight connection with a tinned wire in a screw terminal. My answer here is a bit more general than the question asks , but it applies in this case too.

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