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They first appear together in the episode broadcast on 17 January , [38] and made their final appearances in the episode broadcast on 21 July They are both unfriendly towards her when Louise tries to speak to them. After Bex is told she will be interviewed under caution, she tells Louise she will admit the truth, so Louise confesses that Madison and Alexandra were responsible for sending it on and she should think about bringing them into it. In the toilets, Madison and Alexandra push Bex, Madison tears her shirt and Alexandra writes “dirty” on her face while Louise stands outside. Madison and Alexandra are forced to leave. They leave and order Louise to come with them. They later find Bex in the local chicken shop and Madison tells Bex that she owes her a new top, and Alexandra insults Bex’s weight. They then tell Bex that they will always be around and she cannot escape them. Louise tries to stop her from doing it but Alexandra stamps on the guitar, leaving Bex in bits.

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Remember the First Dates proposal? He moved back the beginning of and we started messaging again – both single – we decided to adopt each other for Sunday Fundays. This went on for months and without me even realising it I was falling in love with my best mate. Everyone around us would say ‘why aren’t you together? But finally in October after months of seeing each other on more of a regular basis we realised we started refering to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Since then we haven’t looked back, we are inseparable.

An English actress famous for her role as Lauren Branning in BBC’s Eastenders. Jacqueline Jossa joined the soap in and has been the centre of many top shorelines, including her characters.

The Desperate Women of Walford – Review: They’re anything but strong. They’re the women of Walford. Somewhere along about or so, whenever it was Stacey Slater slithered into Walford, someone got the idea that “strong” meant “feisty” or “loud. Somewhere coinciding with Stacey’s arrival, women became entitled, self-perpetuating victims who never took responsibility for their own subversive actions.

Tanya was the other woman, the teenaged homewrecker who thought her shit never smelled, yet who couldn’t fathom that Stacey was doing to her exactly what she was doing to Max’s first wife Rachel. Stacey absolutely thought she was entitled to the prize who was Max. Ronnie was entitled to a child, anyone’s child, if not her own, as well as Jack Branning.

Even women who left, redeemed and self-sufficient, returned pejorative images of themselves and filled with entitlement – Kat, Sharon, Bianca.

EastEnders: who killed Lucy Beale? The latest development

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email EastEnders viewers are being forced to endure an agonising wait to discover if Abi or Lauren Branning has died. The Branning sisters were still ALIVE despite their horrific fall from Queen Vic roof – but things didn’t go smoothly in hospital for one of the girls. Max and Tanya were told to sit down as the doctor broke some horrific news about their daughter – but were they talking about Abi or Lauren?

The fate of both sisters, who are being written out of EastEnders after more than a decade, won’t be revealed until the next episode – on Thrusday.

EastEnders cast and character guide reveals who plays who, how the characters are related and who’s leaving.

Sharon asks Wicksy to spend a romantic weekend with her. Oct 20, Sarah reveals which married man she has been seeing; Dennis thumps Sharon’s new boyfriend. Apr 5, Pat makes a tough decision concerning her marriage to Roy. Jun 9, Jan 1, With her life and her loved ones in danger, a panicked Ronnie takes matters into her own hands. Nov 20, Linda is horrified when Mick confronts her over her recent behavior.

Mar 5, Having tried to persuade Roy and Phil to continue with the car scam, Peggy comes home to an unpleasant shock. Jul 20, Phil is fraught after being given some devastating news; Ian starts to panic. Pat follows when Janine tries to run away from home. Apr 19, Andy reveals his turmoil over Paul’s death to Pat; Danny has a plan to improve the Moon’s lives. Aug 1, Dot fears the worst after seeing the doctor; Paul has second thoughts about leaving Walford again.

Feb 9, Jack grows paranoid at Glenda’s intentions; Mick does his best to remain positive. Sep 7, Alfie desperately tries to hold things together for the sake of Tommy.

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The healthy regime seems to be working. I have two young girls, I want to set a good example. I just want to focus on being happy and healthy. I had months in a bad phase after I broke a bone in my foot in April and did a lot of sitting around. Friends and family would come over and either bring food or cook for me, and I could feel myself getting wider and wider in my big comfy armchair.

Actress Jacqueline Jossa paid tribute to her long-running EastEnders character Lauren Branning in a touching series of messages on social media after her final scenes on the soap aired last night.

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The former ‘EastEnders’ star was just hours from death over the summer… 6 Nov TV gossip Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French have repeatedly asked for a cameo in ‘EastEnders’ – but their requests have been turned down every time. The ‘French and Saunders’ stars have been inundated with requests to make some celebrity appearances since the… 4 Nov TV gossip Aaron Sidwell thinks it was “odd” for ‘EastEnders’ to kill off Steven Beale. The year-old actor recently bowed out of the soap when his alter ego died in a fire and though he was initially “gutted” to be axed, he thinks it’s right for him to move… 2 Nov TV gossip Ross Kemp thinks he “should have” a vasectomy.

The year-old actor and his wife Renee O’Brien welcomed twin daughters Ava and Kitty into the world last month and Ross – who has a son with his spouse and a boy with his ex-partner Nicola Coleman… 2 Nov TV gossip Samantha Womack was “manipulated” to pose naked for raunchy lads’ mags.

Read More. Lauren Goodger’s Essex home features sparkling furniture, a luxury glam room and purple mood lighting; But she’s only wearing a tiny black thong.

EastEnders continues on Tuesday August 29 at 7. EastEnders full cast guide and pictures: It’s not too tricky to tell the difference between Phil Mitchell and Ian Beale, but do you struggle to keep track of who plays who in the EastEnders cast and how everyone fits in? Are you an occasional viewer who needs a steer when it comes to the newer characters?

Want to know who’s leaving? Or do you just like looking at the cast all spruced up in their pretty promo pictures? Here’s our full guide to the EastEnders cast. Adam is the longest-serving cast member on EastEnders, having played Ian Beale continuously since the very first episode in February Her original stint in the soap ran from to , before producers ruthlessly killed the character off screen in Kathy made a shock return from the dead in EastEnders’ 30th anniversary week in , and is about to take centre stage in a major new storyline now that James Willmott-Brown is back on the scene.

Letitia initially played the role for 10 years between and , then returned for a second stint between and Since returning again in , Sharon has tied the knot with Phil and established herself as the next matriarch of the Mitchell family.

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EastEnders viewers predict pregnancy twist Is this character up the duff duff? By Carena Crawford May 31, EastEnders fans have predicted that Lauren Branning is pregnant after she was feeling sick in last night’s episode. Lauren’s already got one child, Louie, with ex Peter Beale, but now she’s dating Peter’s brother Steven, and he’s keen for a kid of their own. The Branning babe, however, is not interested in becoming a mum again so soon, she wants to focus on her career.

Steven’s getting fed up with the amount of time Lauren’s spending apart from him Credit:

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Jacqueline Jossa pregnant : EastEnders star’s expecting second child with husband Dan Osborne