Dating My Early 70’s Les Paul Deluxe

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Do you have a “NORLIN Era” Gibson guitar or bass? What do you think of it?

He remained active until his untimely death in February His main guitar in the early years was a Les Paul acquired from Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, which he owned for more than 40 years before selling it in This is the guitar that Gary used on his best selling album Still Got The Blues, and the one he kept by his side until his death.

Orchid Studios is a place of Music. The studio itself imparts something of an old school vibe. We aren’t exactly purists, but we do put emphasis on performances.. Our R & D department has determined that focusing energies on songwriting, arrangement, and performance yields .

Alkire Eharps were made by Harmony and Valco. See this link for information on Eddie Alkire and his ten string steel guitars. Here is the eHarp player’s web site. Bigsby Paul Bigsby is generally considered to be one of the great steel guitar manufacturers. He’s also famous for being one of the first builders of electric solidbody guitars, as well as for the vibrato mechanism seen on Gibson, Gretsch, and many other guitars. His steel guitars were played by Joaquin Murphey, Speedy West, and many other famous guitarists of the day.

Most of the guitars I’ve seen have been double or triple neck guitars, with the name Bigsby prominently displayed on the front of the instrument, usually along with the name of the original owner. He renamed his company Carvin a combination of the names of his two sons, Carson and Gavin and went on to make a wide variety of guitars, amplifiers, and other musical equipment.

Dating a Gibson Explorer

The serial code is , and by the listings I’ve seen, mine is from For playability is nothing quite like it! My Ripper has incredible response to funkier styles whether it be by pick or finger tapping and slapping are a bit difficult on the Ripper unless you’ve been doing it for a while, and set the action low for tapping, or high for slapping. It’s also great for jazz because it can just as easily have a low, smooth sound to it, and the body responds well to low tones!

It’s a bass that not only defines its music-period with jazzy tones, but it can serve very well under the banner of today’s more aggressive music. I have found that with the Treble Roll-Off, and judicious use of the chicken switch, the Ripper can pump out some seriousd rock and roll sounds!

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And the result is almost always interesting — and almost always a commercial flop. A case in point is this nifty Gibson Marauder Custom. By mid-decade, guitar companies could sell any guitar they could get their hands on. This led to a lot of expansion by domestic factories as well as an explosion in imports, first from Europe and then from Japan. At the same time, American guitarmakers were having identity problems.

Part of this came from the competition, but a good deal of it came from the corporate cultures that owned them. Often, the managers in charge knew about commodity businesses but not so much about the subtleties of the music business, which is a bit of a different animal. Yet the company felt it needed something new. In fact, Gibson recruited pickup maven Bill Lawrence to give this guitar its horsepower.

He hooked up with German guitarmaker Framus as an endorser and performed under the name of Billy Lorento, which may have been actually owned by Fred Wilfer of Framus. Indeed, Framus built a Billy Lorento signature model. Seeing opportunity, Lawrence relocated to the U.

Mel Gibson shares FIRST picture of his newborn baby boy

All numbers were impressed into the wood and a six digit number assigned, though no particular order was given and some instruments had a letter prefix. The orange labels inside hollow bodied instruments was discontinued in and were replaced by white and orange rectangle labels on the acoustics, and small black, purple and white rectangle labels were placed on electric models.

A few bolt on neck instruments had a date ink stamped on the heel area. In , Gibson first introduced the serialization method that is in practice today.

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The ES was introduced in Gibson hired Ted McCarty in , who became President in He led an expansion of the guitar line with new guitars such as the “Les Paul” guitar introduced in and designed by Les Paul , a popular musician in the s and also a pioneer in music technology. Later, a shorter neck was added. Similar in size to the hollow-body Thinlines, the ES family had a solid center, giving the string tone a longer sustain.

In the s, Gibson also produced the Tune-o-matic bridge system and its version of the humbucking pickup, the PAF “Patent Applied For” , first released in and still sought after for its sound.

Tar back pickups

The iconic Gibson Les Paul, took the music world by storm when it debuted in More than five decades later, this all-time favorite solid body electric guitar continues to influence guitarists, musicians and music lovers all over the world. The distinctive shape and design, the sound, the shape, the mass and the vibe are just some of the crucial factors that made Gibson Les Paul what it is today — a musical icon.

There are many Les Paul models to choose from out there and each one carries a different sound, color and tone. That LP feel is always present of course, but the differences vary from slight nuances to significant sound shifts.

Gibson bass guitar catalogue see also Gibson Ripper Fretless Gibson Ripper Gibson Ripper. The earlier, wider, slab-bodied version of the Gibson Ripper was produced from the model’s inception in , through Compare this body shape, particularly the bevelling around the horns, with a later Gibson Ripper – these later Rippers have a far more sculptured look about.

Go to bibliography of quoted sources. Wheeler , p29; quoted by later sources Fisch, Gruhn, Carter , however no further details about the announcement documented. We have not located any Masterbilt instruments related adverts in any major music industry publication of ; the earliest documented advert for DeLuxe found in “Metronome”, issue February info: However we conclude it was published not before c. Furthermore, guitarist Carl Kress who was prominently featured in the catalog is no longer mentioned obviously because Kress had become an endorser of Gibson by Coupon “Send me your new Guitar Book as soon as it is off the press”; advert in “Metronome”, Nov p Rod McDonald, see also: The mandolin models were still illustrated with images from the and catalogs not showing the changed specs.

The Emperor flyer shares similar artwork with an advert in “Metronome”, Dec Electar catalog “released late “. However in some cases “blank” labels with a typed SN were used: There are numerous examples of instruments which have the original SN typed on an untypical, later period label — possibly glued in as replacement for the original label during a later repair at the factory. Apparently there were no “blank” examples of green labels — instead earlier “blank” Masterbilt labels with typed SN were used as replacements during that period.

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In , the ancestors of Fender Telecaster Fender Esquire and Fender Broadcaster were introduced to the musical market and solid-body electric guitars became a public craze. Located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Gibson founded the company to make mandolin-family instruments. Below are some checklist items to determine if yours is real. It doesn’t have the Mother of Pearl “Gibson” or crown inlay.

It should also have “Made in USA” underneath the serial number.

Oct 06,  · I am looking for a copy of an article from Audio Magazine in about April plus or minus a couple of years. It was an April Fools article describing, as I recall, a new type of audio recording with lasers, predating the CD era.

The strange and mysterious neck codes found on Fenders from — 80 have been all but ignored by the vintage and collectible guitar community. Perhaps this is due to the fact that s Fenders have, until recently, been all but ignored by the vintage and collectible guitar community. Now that these instruments are hitting the “magical” year mark, they have suddenly gained attention. In , CBS-Fender began to implement a new type of neck stamp in place of the usual date stamp consisting of model code, month, year, neck width e.

The new code consisted of 6, 7 or 8 digits and was usually stamped in green ink. An example of this type of neck code found on a Precision Bass is B. CBS-Fender used this neck code system concurrently with the standard Month-Year date stamp that had been in use since Both type of stamps can be found on Fenders made from through To clarify, a neck would have one or the other type of stamp… not both.

It is not known why Fender used two completely different systems at the same time. Then in , Fender changed to a new type of neck stamp which had 8-digits which was stamped in green or red ink. An example of this is found on a Jazz Bass. From through about March , this new system was used concurrently with the old Month-Year date stamp.

Vintage Gibson Factory Order Numbers or How to date my vintage Gibson guitar

Leeds, UK softwarejanitor said: The black one could likely be an aftermarket replacement, either DiMarzio or Duncan were popular back then because the stock s Fender pickups were usually kind of blah and often not wound very hot. It is also possible it is just a later Fender pickup put in as a replacement if the original bridge pickup failed, but chances are it is an older replacement, as was quite common to do in the s and s. Anyway, kinda hard to tell, the pots, cap and general soldering and wiring job plus the foil on the back of the pickguard don’t look original for a s Strat.

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Serial number info Fender limited edition Telebration series Telecaster for sale. For Fender’s Telecaster 60th anniversary celebration Fender created 12 different models, one to be released each month in Greg’s Vintage Guitar sales Worldwide Check back often as we are rebuilding and repopulating our new mobile device friendly website with more vintage guitars for sale as well as parts,amps,speakers bass guitars and music memorabilia for sale at Greg’s Guitars.

Humbuckers, split box inlays ,Fancy headstock, Spruce top archtop jazz box, great reviews on these ,with hard shell case. The Working mans L5. See More Here on this guitar. Original factory natural finish, fret wear, plays but will need a refret at some point,Comes with a non original black tolex hard shell case. No backplate or tremolo arm. Overseas clients PM me for accurate shipping quotes as free shipping is only to a lower 48 US address.

Date Your Hamer

This is an era that most “experts” think is notorious for designing, manufacturing and selling bad Gibson guitars. Was it made in to the early s? Do you know how to read the serial number? If you are not sure, let me know or click here: All picked up for a song. All four are magnificent guitars made in an unmagnificent time.

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Jun 3, Thank you Kevin. I feel fortunate that I was able to buy it back. I was able to get to my Mom’s house today. I inspected and photographed the guitar a bit more. I made a typo yesterday on the serial number. Made in USA and 2 stamped on back. I took a good look at the control cavity.


With all the fat, sweet, snarling Les Paul tone that purists love, the Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro IV sports a mahogany body with a thick maple cap for the perfect blend of warmth and clarity. The top is finished in high-gloss lacquer, while the back, sides and neck have a smooth satin finish that feels great and lets the wood resonate fully. Period-Correct Pickguard The cream-colored pickguard has been a Les Paul staple dating back to the models of the late s and the early s.

Many players, however, removed the pickguard from their Les Pauls to show off the beauty of the flame maple tops, prompting Gibson to stop installing the pickguard altogether.

After years of working with Roland vintage electronics, I finally noticed that there were two variations on the familiar hex pickup. One pickup is small, with an impedance of 80 ohms, and the other pickup is slightly larger, with an impedance of around ohms.

Was never able to use it on stage because it was far too bassy but used it on Stand Up on Nothing is Easy. I loved the shape of it and, switching from an Airline, I liked the shorter scale neck. I played it through an Acoustic , which seemed to be the biggest bottom most road durable amp of it’s day – Dennis Dunaway, Alice Cooper The difference between the EBO and the EB3 was the extra pickup and associated electronics in the bridge position on the EB3. Both used the same materials, mahogany bodies and necks maple necked from with rosewood and occasionally ebony fingerboards.

During much of the production run, the EB0 had a 3-ply pickguard b-w-b whilst the EB3s had 5-ply b-w-b-w-b. Strengths Short scale, mahogany throughout and the unique Gibson EB humbucker made for a quick playing bass with a heavy heavy sound. Weaknesses Sixties EBOs sixties Gibsons in general were prone to breaks in the headstock, around the body-neck join and also around the input jack. The back slanting headstock is unfortunate; if a guitar falls backwards, it’s headstock generally hits the ground first.